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Jinja Tour

Located on the northern shores of lakeVictoria above the Ripon falls. The town is one of Uganda's largest towns and lies about 80 km east of Kampala over looking the point where the Nile flows out of Lake Victoria and probably it is the Nile that is attracting more people other than the town itself.
Jinja was initially the most industrialised town in Uganda with European and Asian settlers who had boosted up the economy but with the rise of some turbulent leaders like Idi Amini, the town's economy collapsed with the dismissal of the foreign investors. However the town is gradually resurrecting to its former glory with the population increasing and so many suburban mansions coming up, good infrastructure and now the town provides some of the most popular and attractive tourist activities.


Bujagali Falls
Perhaps the busiest tourist focal point, Bujagali falls lies 9km from Jinja north of the town. The thundering white water falls are about 10km down the River Nile. They got their name after an African spirit Bujagali said to occasionally float on a piece of bark cloth down the river. The place is a very important beginning point for the fascinating white water rafting. This activity is operated by with very attractive packages, these include, Adrift, Equator rafting and Nile River Explorers, however irrespective of what company you are using charges remain the same.
Rafting excursions can be booked for 2days from all the companies at a fee of USD150 per person inclusive of all. The first day covers one extra Novocain rapid at the end of the same ground excursion, the second day is quite more exciting with four rapids to cover, Hair of the dog, Kula shaker, Nile special, malalu with the last rapid called Weleba. In addition to rafting, those with a more adventurous spirit can hire white water kayaks and also take lessons for Eskimo-roll and shooting rapids. Also available are sunset cruises for families or larger groups and All Terrain Adventures that runs the quad biking trips.

Mabira Forest Reserve
An owl in mabiraThis is the largest remaining stand of indigenous forest in Central Uganda, covering an area of more than 300 sq. km along Kampala-Jinja road. Being close to the country's two big cities, it gives a greater opportunity for tourist development.
The forest is a combination of patches of open grassland, valleys with papyrus swamps, and more than 200 species of trees that have been identified. With lovely walking trails, one can have a good view of the red tailed monkey, but the white colobus, Grey-cheeked mangabey and blue duiker monkeys being very common.
Bird watchers are also not left out because the forest harbors species of forest birds like the African Grey parrot, hornbill species, sunbirds, weyn's weaver, rare blue swallow and the best birding site at the forest-fringed pond.

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